Links to our favorite antique radio sites


Antique radio sales, repair and restoration parts and supplies

AMradios.com Antique and replica radios and other vintage items

Antique Electronic Supply  New restoration parts and supplies

Antique Grille Cloth - Reproduction grill cloth

Antique Radio Tubes - We sell radio tubes and antique tube radio's

Bobís Antique Radios & Electronics  Capacitors and more

JustRadios  High voltage capacitors/resistors for tube radios 

Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts  Vintage and reproduction parts 

Philco Repair Bench The site for Philco collectors, enormous resource

Playthings of Past  Huge selection of used radio parts

RadiolaGuy.com Radios, supplies, tech information, museum, wow

Renovated Radios A source for rubber grommets, washers, and reproduction knobs for vintage radios

Retro-Tronics Reproduction, laser-cut, radio backs.  Excellent workmanship

The Radio Attic  Purveyor of antique radios, extensive links

Vacuum Tubes.Net Largest selection of vacuum tubes in the world

VacuumTubes.Biz Tubes, ballast tubes, antique radios, more

World Tube Company New and used tubes for radio and musicians


Antique radio clubs

Indiana Historical Radio Society Our club, come and join us.

Northland Antique Radio Club Great club site from the land of 10,000 lakes.

Southeastern Antique Radio Society Our former club, Southern hospitality!


Collectors sites

AC6V  Broadcast and amateur radio resource,  huge site

Antique Airwaves.com  Antique radio and test equipment info

AntiqueRadios.com  Best source of antique radio information

Classic Radio Gallery  Radio photos, sales, schematics

Davidís Antique Radio Links Great old radio links page and other sites

DXZone The amateur radio source

Electric Radio On Line site fans of vintage radio gear and the history of radio.

Electronixandmore See vintage electronics that have changed our lives

The Farmerís Old Radio Notebook Great collection of photos of all types of radios

Jeremyís Antique Radios Nice personal site, radios, test equipment, more

John Loveringís Heirloomradio.com, great site with tech tips and more

NostalgiaAir  Forums, schematics, links

Radiophile  Large collection of all types of radios

Radiomuseum Amazing resource. Member contributed radio photos and schematics from over 80 countries.  Forums for sharing collecting and technical information

Radiotechnique and Restoration Fab Dutch site with photos and service data

RadioSwapMeet.com  Lots of information for collectors

Salís Antique Radios Collection of radios, test ,communication gear, more

Silver, Sounds & Stuff Site dedicated to preserving antique radios and radio history

TubeRadioLand.com Great virtual museum of tube radios

WJOE Radio Restoration parts and technical help, good resource

World Tube Audio  Ultimate tube audio encyclopedia

OTRDAYS.com Ė Great listing of old radio shows available on the web


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